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18 Apr 2023

The Green Man

A delightful poem by Joanne Kavanagh. See many more of her poems on her Facebook Page at: The Fairy Wordsmith


He runs through the forest, breathing life into all he that he can

Whispering to the trees, he's known as the Green Man

Passing on his vibrant energy, to all living things, green

Perhaps he's been near, but you know not what you've seen

Maybe the leaves have rustled spontaneously

But no breeze is present, chasing in and out of tree

This will be when he talks, to his woodland friends

Who he wholeheartedly loves, protects and defends

And tells them magical stories, that make their little leaves shiver

In delight and excitement, so that they will deliver

An abundance of new leaves, when Spring comes to the land

The time of awakening and renewal, guided by his expert hand

And if blossoms are required, on a particular tree or plant

A different song he will sing, to everything from toadstool to ant

For all have their part to play, in every green place

Their energies all needed, along with Divine grace

To create an environment, so that the right conditions abound

The flora and fauna, all lending their sounds

In a magical orchestra, of frequencies and notes

All playing the tune, which the Green Man wrote

Then come Summertime, a rainbow he manifests

Painting everything in his bright colours, from petals to birds' eggs in their nests

And in Autumn he begins, to sing his lullabies

So that the leaves will fall, and dance in the skies

Ready for Winter, when Nature rests in it's slumber

And all has long since turned, to shades of dark brown and umber

A chance for the Green Man, to recharge and reflect

On what new life, he will breathe into next

Look beyond the surface, of the realm of the Green Man

To learn more of his work, and his Fairy clan

Joanne Kavanagh 28th Jan 2020
Ink drawing by my very talented daughter Holly Kavanagh  

10 Apr 2023

Musicians and Dancers Wanted!

Do you love folk music? Do you play an instrument? Do you involuntarily tap your feet listening to jigs and reels? Come and join us! We dance and play at summer fetes, festivals, fun days and fayres. It's a hoot!

If you live anywhere near Whitchurch in North Shropshire, or Nantwich in South Cheshire, and are keen to give it a go, get in touch...

10 Apr 2023

Our Dances

We perform numerous dances from the Morris tradition (sources shown in italics):

Brimfield, Herefordshire

Cuckoo's Nest
Long Barrow Morris, Kent

Dilwyn, our version

East Acton
Harry Secombe, this version Gongscourers, Kent

Much Wenlock
Much Wenlock, Shropshire

Peopleton, Worcestershire

Peopleton Junction (3 man version of Peopleton)
Green Man Morris

September 4th
Datchet Morris

Three on Three
Green Man Morris

Tinners Rabbit
Grimspound Morris, Devon

Two's Company
Green Man Morris